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Left: Yan Wang Preston, Forest #6, 2011. Courtesy and copyright the photographer. 

Right: Kenneth O'Halloran, Rice Farmer, Sanwougou Lalle, Togo, 2015. Courtesy and copyright the photographer. 



British-Chinese Photographer Yan Wang Preston wins Professional Commission for her long term project ‘Forest’

Irish Photographer Kenneth O’Halloran wins the Open Competition for his photograph ‘Rice Farmer, Sanwougou Lalle, Togo,’ 2015

The winner of the Professional Commission category is British-Chinese artist and photographer Yan Wang Preston. Dublin-based, Irish photographer Kenneth O’ Halloran has been selected as the win-ner of the Open Competition.

Yan Wang Preston was chosen by an international jury chaired by writer and photographer William A. Ewing. Responding to this year’s theme, Grow-Conserve, her long-term project, ‘Forest,’ explores the relationship between urbanisation and nature, particularly in relation to China’s urban forests. The con-flicts between the rapid growth of our cities, and the protection of existing ecologies is a central issue in the project. Preston has received US$15,000 as a cash prize, and up to US$25,000 to fulfil her proposal. The commission will allow Preston to expand and complete the project, which looks specifi-cally at the tree-dealing business in mainland China.

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