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Infinity Mirrored Room – Brilliance of the Souls (2014) © YAYOI KUSAMA
Mirror, wooden panel, LED, metal, acrylic panel, water | 287.4 x 415 x 415 cm
Collection of Museum MACAN


Museum MACAN Presents the First Major Yayoi Kusama Exhibition in Indonesia

Since opening in November, Indonesia’s first museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art, Museum MACAN, will present ‘YAYOI KUSAMA: LIFE IS THE HEART OF A RAINBOW, the highly acclaimed survey exhibition by Yayoi Kusama, in Jakarta from 12 May – 9 September 2018.

This exhibition by Yayoi Kusama investigates the development of her practice over the span of almost 70 years, with early works from the 1950s. With over 130 works that illustrate the artist’s creativity and important periods of her career and life, this exhibition will be the first major expression of Kusama’s oeuvre ever seen in Indonesia. Since November 2017, MACAN has presented the iconic Infinity Mirrored Room – Brilliance of the Souls (2014) in the Museum’s Sculpture Garden, that will be part of the upcoming exhibition. Seen by visitors around the world, the work portrays the artist’s interest in the elements of the infinite, repetition and reflection, which is also identified in her paintings, sculptures and installations.