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Rita McBride, Particulates, 541 West 22nd Street, New York City. © Rita McBride


Dia Art Foundation Announces Additional Details of Rita McBride at Dia:Chelsea

New York, NY – Dia Art Foundation presents a new commission by Rita McBride at Dia:Chelsea in New York from October 17, 2017, through June 2, 2018. The installation, titled Particulates (2017), uses high-intensity lasers to define a hyperbolic paraboloid and illuminate particles in the atmosphere that are otherwise invisible.

McBride's new commission brings together her interests in the principles of light and space, time travel, and quantum physics. The arrangement of lasers offers a visual manifestation of the kind of theoretical wormholes described in science fiction as vehicles for time travel. However, the contours of this shape are dispersed by the constant motion of particulate matter found in the air, such as ambient dust and molecules of water, which become visible when passing through the beams of light. A new carbon-fiber sculpture, Guidance "Barriers" (2017), was conceived by the artist for this installation to separate viewers from the lasers.

Download the full release below. 

For more information, please contact:
Hannah Gompertz,, 1 212 202 3402