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Rachel Maclean, Spite Your Face, 2017, digital video (stills). Courtesy the artist. Commissioned by Alchemy Film & Arts in partnership with Talbot Rice Gallery and the University of Edinburgh on behalf of Scotland + Venice.


Scotland + Venice presents Rachel Maclean

Scotland + Venice
Rachel Maclean: Spite Your Face

Collateral Event of the 57th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, 13 May-26 November, 2017

Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Fondamenta Santa Caterina, 30121, Cannaregio

The Scotland + Venice partnership unveils Spite Your Face, amajornew film commission by Edinburgh College of Art educated artist Rachel Maclean for the 57###sup/sup### International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia. Curated by Alchemy Film and Arts, in partnership with Talbot Rice Gallery and the University of Edinburgh, Maclean's modern-day, dark Venetian fairytale is presented as a large-scale portrait projection at the altar of the deconsecrated church, Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Cannaregio.    

Referencing the Italian folk-tale The Adventures of Pinocchio, Maclean's new commission offers a powerful critique of contemporary society, critiquing the underlying fears and desires that characterise the zeitgeist we find ourselves in today. Spite Your Face is a tale across two worlds - with a bright, glittering and ordered upper world, and a warped, dirty, impoverished lower world - where the lure of wealth, power and adoration entices a destitute young boy into the shimmering riches of the kingdom above.

Download the full release below

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