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'Reunions: A Collector’s Journey' at Liang Yi Museum

buy cytotec 100 mcg in Fayetteville North Carolina Liang Yi Museum is delighted to announce its exhibition binary options demo account android Reunions: A Collector’s Journey, opening on 21 March 2017 and running until February 2018. Inspired by the three movements of Beethoven's Les Adieux, or Piano Sonata No. 26, Das Lebewohl (The Farewell), Abwesenheit (The Absence) and Das Wiedersehen (The Return), this exhibition explores the relevance of the themes of loss, absence and return in the process of building a collection. Featuring over one hundred pieces of Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, Reunions:A Collector’s Journey tells the story of how Liang Yi Museum’s first collection was built and how Peter Fung, the museum’s founder, spent decades reuniting antiques—ones that had originally come in sets—with their long-lost counterparts. الخيار الثنائي برنامج الروبوت التابعة لها

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