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Donald Judd, 1970, photo: Paul Katz


Advanced Visual Studies/Judd-Hume Prize

Advanced Visual Studies/Judd-Hume Prize, a major new art and philosophy programme, will launch in spring 2017.

In March 2017 a major new interdisciplinary programme named after Donald Judd and David Hume, will launch. Founded by leading Judd expert Peter Ballantine, the programme seeks to promote pre-eminent international scholarship and discussion around topics that lie at the intersection between the visual arts and philosophy – an area of research which has been largely stalled since the work of Gombrich and Cassier over 50 years ago.

The Judd-Hume Prize (£30,000) will be awarded annually to an international art writer, philosopher, or architect, who will be invited to take up residency in Edinburgh for two months to write on such seriously neglected topics, as Abstraction, Image, precognition, Object-ness, Function, delegated fabrication and its implications, damage, sustainability, and original and copy. Each fellowship will be followed by a symposium, in which the scholar’s new work will be presented together with selected contributions from other symposium speakers.

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